Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Joel's 6 months old, well, close enough!

Joel got this hat for Christmas and I think he is the cutest thing! He'll be six months old in 6 days and it seems so hard to believe that we've had him that long. But then, like with a lot of things, it seems like we've always had him.

Here's Joel's personality and details at six months:

He is just the happiest baby, always smiling. He loves to chew on his toes and is, I think, starting to teethe. He has really started reaching for everything. He tried grabbing my plate last night at dinner and ended up catching some mac and cheese, which of course, I panicked, worrying about his milk allergy. Not quite sure he if he is over that or not yet. He's only getting half of the Zantac he was once taking now, and hopefully in a few more weeks, we can have him totally off of it. He is still taking his Prevacid once a day though. He is rolling over all of the time and has little interest in sitting, this boy wants to stand! He's ready to start chasing Kayleigh and Ethan. He loves bath time. He's figured out how to splash and it cracks him up. It's so funny to watch. Hopefully tomorrow we will try cereal again, but with a much better result. I got a different type this time, so hopefully this one will be better. His doc appointment is in a few days, so I'll add his stats when we get them. Isn't he the cutest?!